About Kelvin Philpott

Born in Norfolk, brought up in Suffolk, Kelvin enjoyed fishing on marshes and beside rivers as a boy. Here he was surrounded by wildlife from an early age. It’s no surprise, therefore, that he has deep-rooted love of wildfowl and estuary birds.

Throughout Kelvin’s teenage years, he spent many a weekend at PSPB Minsmere, feeding his growing interest in birdlife. Whilst working his engineering apprenticeship in Leiston, he was given a magazine- Practical woodworking. Therein he found an article on How to carve a Great Tit, so he decided to have a go! The old boys in the Pattern Shop at the engineering company gave Kelvin a piece of jeluton. To his surprise, the carving turned out rather well, despite the fact that it was done with just a pen-knife.


Some years later

Kelvin returned to his desire to carve birds from wood, inspired after reading an article about Guy Taplin, a world-renowned bird sculptor from the Essex coast.

Kelvin joined the British Trust for Ornithology and became a bird-ringer, working at a number of sites. He also went with the team from the BTO on a bird-ringing project in Delaware USA. Bird-ringing gave Kelvin the opportunity to handle birds and understand more about their physiology. Whilst in America he saw some fine examples of bird carving by wildfowl carvers, giving him even more inspiration.

Having already started carving, Kelvin was now eager to surround himself with wood, carving tools, sawdust…..with the ultimate pleasure of having his own carvings or the birds he has come to love so much.